Circle of friends – Day in the life of…………….

Hi everyone. Its that time again. This month Circle Of Friends blog is about a day in the life of. I chose the most amazing little girl I know. My daughter Olivia. She is pure sunshine. Pure mischievous sunshine. My daughter has the biggest personality of anyone I know and she’s 2 years old. She drinks toilet water, graffiti’s walls, hides my car keys, posts my bank cards through the letterbox to outside our front door, prefers odd shoes, spills drinks on the floor to make ‘muddy puddles’ (thanks Peppa Pig)  and has to wear a princess skirt just about everywhere she goes. She’s not the least bit shy. She makes friends easily. She’s into everything and is always dancing or jumping. She is incredible. Of course my day in the life of was going to be about her. I want to be her!!!

be sure to check out my beautiful and talented friend Tamryn Jones

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