Half Term

Hi everyone. So here we are at the end of the school holidays. That week flew by but then they always seem to do so. Now that Olivia is almost 3 our home days are filled with them role playing and coming up with new games. I find it fascinating to watch them. When they’re not arguing or driving each other (and myself) insane they play so beautifully together. I love a child’s imagination. Watching my kids play and pretend to be cats and dogs or snakes and birds is totally¬†captivating. Its shame as adults we lose it so much. But I guess that is where many of us use it creatively. It certainly gives me ideas for photo shoots because I end up playing games with them and capturing their true innocence and pure joy at pretending to be something they’re not and becoming at one with their imagination.

One particular game really made me smile as I remember myself and my sister doing the same thing. Bailey a self confessed snake expert loves to role play so when they started playing schools and he was the teacher and the parent sending her off to school I couldn’t help but chuckle. Schools was a firm favourite in my childhood.

I didn’t work at the beginning of the holidays. Our days were filled with arts and crafts,¬† a walk around the river. A trip to the Countryside Centre, few trips to the park. A mad day out at the play centre with friends and this weekend as a family we took a trip to Trentham Gardens. Its such a beautiful place and has been a firm favourite of mine since Bailey was 9 months old. There is a beautiful walk around the lake which has a mini locomotive. A beautiful Ice rink, coffee shops, a sizeable play area with lots for the children to do as well as stunning Italian gardens. Ive done a few photo shoots there too. It really is a fantastic day out.

Its been a fabulous half term if not a little manic but I wouldn’t have it any other way.





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