I love Monday’s. Being a working mum is hard. Being a self employed working mum is really hard. When I first started in January 2013 there was no balance. I worked when I could and quickly learnt that it was never going to work out that way. Olivia is the kind of girl that wants to help. No matter what you are doing she wants to be a part of it. I soon learnt that working on my computer when she was around was just not going to happen. The thing is my husband Mike was pretty much working full time at that point so I had no choice but to fit it all in. And I did. It was hard work and had me up til gone midnight most nights. Especially as Summer rolled in and I got really busy. Of course then the dreaded six weeks holiday just about tipped me over the edge. Bailey being only 4, the youngest in his class with a late August birthday  was unable to join Sports clubs throughout the holiday so I pretty much worked and played constantly. Olivia was in holiday club for a couple of weeks but they’re only open for 4 of the six weeks. It was madness but fun and chaotic at the same time.

Im not one to complain. I was starting out. Of course it was going to be a learning curve. It was a huge one too. Im happy to say that everything is pretty much balanced now. My business is full time. And when I say full time I really do mean full time. The busier you get with shoots the more editing you have. I love editing but I am such a perfectionist and will spend a great deal of time trying to make the image worthy of being seen. Its part of the whole process that I love and I adore seeing the end result. April is a busy time for me and I have no doubt there will be plenty of late night working ahead but Monday’s – Monday’s are all about Olivia. I love it. We get to sit in bed, drink tea and eat biscuits whilst watching Disney. Olivia’s current favourite is The Princess & the Frog. Of course this I don’t mind at all its my favourite too. I love the music. So we have a lazy morning followed by cleaning, baking and playing.  We also have Tuesday mornings before she goes to nursery so I make sure we pack in what I can. I was a full time mum with Bailey so I feel the need to make my time with Olivia as precious as possible.

April 1st – what a beautiful way to start a new month. Such a stunning day. I took Olivia to Witley Court this morning. We had a wonder around the gardens and then played in the new lovely children’s play area. After we had a good run around we had a spot of lunch before I dropped her off.




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