Dirty Gerty

So I should probably let you all know (if you hadn’t guessed) my photography is not just my work. Its my life. Its every ounce of me. From my ever so greying hair to my (so my husband says) freaky feet. Truth is I live and breathe it. My husband and I were in a taxi on our way to Bolero’s  to celebrate my birthday Saturday night when our taxi stopped by the traffic lights by Foregate Street on the corner of Castle Street. All of a sudden I turned around to him and said ‘My God that would make such an epic wedding picture. I would totally stop traffic for that shot’ to which he replied ‘My god you never switch off do you’  – no I don’t because unlike some jobs this is one where its a part of who I am and it won’t ever leave me. I can’t stop my creative mind working and looking at the way the light falls or how a rickety old bench would make a perfect prop because of where its situated.  If I see something and it gets me – I need it. This is why I know with all my heart, Im living my dream….

My daughter everyone…….. she’s crazy,  she’s mischievous, she’s cheeky. She’s incredible. She makes friends at the drop of a hat. She isn’t scared of climbing great heights, she doesn’t care if she is dirty, she drinks toilet water,  she’s hilarious.  She makes the most incredible mess out of anything that comes into contact with her. She’s beautiful. She’s caring. She’s my best friend in the making. She’s Olivia


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