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Hey there. Its been a while since my last blog. Wedding season is in full swing and its been none stop. Also been very excited to have found a new beautiful wildflower field where a number of children and family shoots have taken place the past few weeks. It certainly cheered me up after losing the amazing poppy field from last year.

Ive experienced amazing weddings every week since the end of April and I have to say I loved every single one of them. Even found myself getting emotional during the ceremony and speeches. Im certain this is why I love shooting weddings as much as I do. I just love the emotion and happiness that surrounds the day. It also reminds me of my wedding day 8 years ago this September and how much I love my husband.

OK enough soppy talk 🙂 Mondays are always about Miss Liv. Since going into business full time I make sure the days I have with my children are just about them. I was a full time mum before Olivia came along and I set up my business 18 months ago so I have gone from being there full time for Bailey to part time with Olivia. Its been tough but loving what I do so much certainly helps and so does the fact I now have a lot more balance. My husband is taking a more stay at home approach. This was tough for him at first – he has always worked very hard – he still does. Looking after children is not easy lol but this gives me the time I need to put into my business. Just now for instance he has taken them to the park so I can get a little bit done before cooking begins. Its been quite the journey. Massive ups, followed by massive downs but we have come out the other side a much stronger happier family.

Today we had a home day. When the weather is as good as this (and lets face it, its been an incredible Summer) there is nothing better than having all the windows open, French doors open. Rabbits running around, breakfast and lunch in the garden. Being various princesses, walking around naked in wellies (Miss Liv not me) painting, helping mom clean, afternoon bathtime and watching a DVD. Who needs to leave the house……











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