Mixing business with pleasure

Hey there everyone. Its been an extremely manic Summer break (and I say that loosely as for us working parents it is in fact anything but)  I hadn’t booked any holidays this year. This is my first full year of weddings and every weekend since April has been booked up. Its been incredible and I have loved every one. Its not over yet though – I still have most of September booked with weddings also. The school holidays are when I really get to do more family and children shoots as Im sure like myself – we have to take at least one week off during the school holidays. Next week Im looking forward to  4 family shoots and 2 weddings – to say Im excited about returning to ‘normal’ when school resides is an understatement. I have so much editing to do. But booking a few days away with my family was most definitely needed.

I was approached by an incredible woman. Sharon Bistrow in July asking if I was available to photograph her wedding vow renewal. The thing about Sharon is that her story is one of great pain, inspiration, courage and strength. Her daughter has acquired the name ‘Titanium’ this is because since her birth she has undergone 64 brain surgeries. They never thought she would live past the age of 3. Georgina also known as G – is now 12 but devastatingly this year they had the worst news possible that there is nothing more they can do for. So in front of family and friends decided to renew her wedding vows with G by her side watching. I was in fact due to go on holiday the day of her service but made the decision that I absolutely had to do this for this incredible family. I wanted no money – just to leave them with images to treasure.  I will blog more about this beautiful day at a later date.

So after Sharon and Simon renewed their vows I left them to enjoy their day with family and friends and set off on my 3 hour journey to Woolacombe. I didn’t think I would be able to switch off. On the car journey there I was taking phone calls. But once there all that changed. We went away with our very close friends lovingly named ‘The Kamps’  – I got there around 8pm and the kids were playing happily so we enjoyed a quick drink before calling it a night.

The thing about where we stayed in Woolacombe is that the option for me to use my phone was taken away from me. There wasn’t any mobile network or WiFi connection at all. so it was an easy decision to ignore it. The temperature has dropped quite dramatically but it didn’t stop us from our trips to the beach. We walked, we ate Cornish Pasties, we body boarded, we built sand castles, we made forts to name but a few of the wonderful things we did. In fact one of my most happy memories is sitting in the sand with my two kiddies building castles. It really did make me realise what life is all about. Ive not had any time with them this Summer Holiday – Ive worked pretty much every day so this decision to take some time away was by far my best decision. Now when I come home and crack on with the super duper amounts of editing I have backlogged I do not feel guilty because I spent some much needed quality time with them and massively enjoyed myself.

It wasn’t a complete break for me – on Wednesday I met up with a friend 50 mins away from when I was staying in High Bickington. She was there with her fiancé and their 3 children. Stephen and Cheryl had so romantically came away to get married in the most intimate wedding at such a stunning location. As I wasn’t staying far from them I couldn’t say no to taking time out to capture their day. I left them at 4:30 to enjoy their gorgeous afternoon together and joined my family for the rest of our break.

Its been a lovely break. I adore my little family




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