If only we could freeze time once in a while………

At some point over the Summer holidays, Im not entirely sure when, Miss Liv grew up. She’s such a confident, funny, polite, mischievous, amazing little girl. She constantly amazes me. She started Pre School this month and has taken to it like a duck to water. In fact when I went to collect her after her first day she didn’t want to come home. Her exact words ‘Ermmmm no thanks Mummy. Id like to stay here’ – as much as this pleased me (Bailey cried every day I dropped him off and only towards the end of Year One did he become more confident and started his little ‘4-step-shuffle-turn-around-and-wave’ walk in) I wanted her to want to come home with me. Now after a full week and after a very active, great day she can’t wait to come home to tell me all about it.

During the holidays on various trips out Liv made as many friends as she could. She would think nothing of going up to a girl twice her size and introduce herself ‘Im Olivia’ that was it – new friend. On holiday there was a family with 2 South African girls who were staying next door. Liv made friends with them the first day and every morning (before breakfast too) she would ask if she could go and call for her friends. Her confidence and outgoing personality knows no bounds. Its quite frankly, mesmerising. All of a sudden she has grown up. She has always been a big personality but just lately Ive noticed how much she has grown. She always tells her Daddy to put his seatbelt on. She loves painting her nails. She can’t wait to start ballet lessons. She chooses her clothes in the morning. She has to get changed herself. She’s not fond of people helping her unless she really needs it and this evening in the car she held my hand and said ‘Mummy, we’re best friends forever’

Im so proud of my Mad Madam Mim but I do wish time would slow down a little


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