Newborns, Babies and Maternity Highlights 2014

Hi there. Last year was a fantastic year. After a very busy wedding season I had a lot of enquiries for Bump to Baby shoots. I absolutely adore both. Having been pregnant with two children myself I understand how quickly pregnancy flies by. Although at the time can feel like eternity. I suffered with both of my pregnancies for the entire 9 months but that didn’t stop me enjoying my alone time with the little person growing inside of me. Feeling those kicks and knowing it was a connection like nothing else.

I also photographed some gorgeous babies too which due to the weather being so lovely we got to do outdoors. My next lovely client is due to be induced next week so once again I am so looking forward to newborn snuggles.

Here is a few highlights from babies this year along with a lovely bump to baby shoot I had with the gorgeous Tammy and her family.


2014-10-23_0001 2014-10-23_0002 2015-01-02_0001 2015-01-02_0002 2015-01-02_00122015-01-02_0009 2015-01-02_0005 2015-01-02_0006


2015-01-02_0010 2015-01-02_0011

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