Getting my Licentiateship with the SWPP

Yesterday I had the best news. I had been meaning to submit a panel for my Licentiate Qualification for a while but last year was incredibly busy. So I got up one morning 3 weeks ago and decided that I had to do it. My main goal this year was getting this qualification. Imagine my delight when the post arrives and on the envelope its addressed Tammie Cornish LSWPP. To say I screamed from the top of my lungs followed by a mini dance is an understatement – I danced around the whole house. Poor Olivia didnt know what was going on.

This is such an amazing achievement. My panel was judged by the board of examiners who are incredible in the photography business. It was as nerve wrecking as it was exciting. Im literally still beaming with joy. So here is my panel. I submitted my wedding images for my qualification submission – it was so lovely to receive an email with my name on congratulating my award 🙂 2015 is already beyond amazing. Im so excited about whats around the corner and what else this incredible year has in store


wedding photography

wedding photography


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