Cat & James

In July I photographed the absolutely incredible wedding of Cat & James at Alcott where they had tipi’s, a bouncy castle and a burrito bar. It was sensational.

Cat and James are two of the most creative people Ive met with a lot of love for music between them. On their pre wed shoot James brought his guitar along with him which he played for Cat. The whole day spoke so purely of them both and exactly how passionate they are about music and photography.  So I wasn’t surprised by the stunning tipi tent being decked out with vinyl records and vintage cameras. Their table plan were records and their favours were little film rolls with pictures of each guest. It was amazing and I absolutely loved it.

They also had a bouncy castle and tipi tents filled with musical instruments and their own handmade photo booth. I very much loved the whole festival feel to their wedding.

It was important to Cat and James that rather than Cat take his name they combine both families so after the ceremony and once at the tipi they had their name changed by deed poll to Woodsmith whilst their families watched on sat on hay bales.

After the speeches and wedding breakfast Cat had a surprise in place for James. She said she felt that he also deserved to have something nice said to him from her on their wedding day after James had given the most beautiful speech. Cat sang 2 songs (one that she wrote) to James whilst her brother played the keyboard. Cat’s brothers and sister are also very musical – it was completely amazing. After Cat had finished her brothers and sister also had a bit of a surprise themselves and proceeded to put on a show of songs they had mashed together. I dont think Ive ever laughed and been in awe at the same time in my life.

The whole day was absolutely amazing – Id love to do it all over again <3

Hair by Helena Beale

Here are just a very small selection of their day


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