Lazy days and trains


So this was a lovely weekend off for me. Its most definitely the calm before the storm so I enjoyed some much needed and loved family time.

We’ve enjoyed a lovely home day filled with Disney films and catching up on sleep. Bailey was so ready for half term that we spent Saturday lazing around the house. However I woke up this morning and the weather was just glorious. We decided to take a walk into town for some lunch. Bailey is ever so slightly obsessed with trains so we took a walk which took us under a train bridge. We spotted 3 trains much to Baileys excitement. I have been itching to take my camera out so today just popped it in Olivia’s pushchair and thought if I got inspired I would snap away. Ive been working so much lately on the accounts and website and meeting up with lots of lovely couples to discuss their wedding that I have not had much time doing what I love the most. I was so glad I took my camera today. There have been many times when something has caught my eye or an idea has shot through my head but I haven’t had my camera with me yet today couldn’t have been more perfect.

When I first trained with Kate Hopewell-Smith at Aspire a few years ago, one of the many things that stayed with me and constantly played on my mind was the way she saw the light. She said that one day she finally got it and everything made sense. She was so passionate about the light but when you look at her work you can understand why. This was something that I wanted to explore a lot more. Everything you see about an image comes from the way the light is, where it falls and how bright it is. It helps tell the story.  It can make an image something quite breath taking if you get it right just as it can easily destroy an image if you get it wrong. Lately I have been really seeing the light and its got me very excited. Kate always said that you know when you get it because you will see it everywhere.  As we stood under the train bridge I noticed that there was this beautiful pool of light that was coming from left – it was afternoon, the sun was shining but because we were under this bridge and it had light that also came from right it was really quite beautiful. I got a little excited and started telling Mike all about the light and how it fell, much to his amusement he just looked at me and smiled. I think he was just happy to see how excited I was about a bridge and some light.  I had Bailey stand by the wall which had graffiti on it and as I got into position he looked towards his dad and this pool of light shined on his face. It was just stunning.

We went for lunch at Detroits in Worcester as it overlooked the river and a train track. Bailey was very excited and simply sat watching for trains the entire time. There was a lot of sunshine coming through the window that Bailey was leaning against but I noticed this gorgeous reflection so called his name and got a lovely reflection image. Its by no means perfect – the sun was bright but I love it all the same.

Its been a lovely weekend and I have very much enjoyed shooting for myself again. Im feeling very inspired.





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