Mr & Mrs Freeman

Hi guys – Its been such a busy year for me. My second year of business but my first full year of weddings. Ive done 25 and am massively proud of that. Ive not had much time to blog my weddings. Between shooting weddings, family shoots, newborns, maternity and some commercial, I have also been doing admin, accounts and a lot of editing. I may not get to blog every wedding but I ll certainly try and post as many as I can.

This beautiful wedding is that of Melanie and James Freeman. They engaged vows on 28th June this year. Their wedding took place at the stunning in Wichenford. Melanie is a girl after my own heart. She is such a creative soul and as you look through the images of her wedding you can see just how creative she is. Her attention to detail is second to none. She put her heart and soul into her wedding day and I could feel it all day.

When I arrived in the morning to photograph Mel’s bridal preparations it was raining so heavily that I couldnt get out of the car for 20 mins. I was parked in a field and it was some distance to the house entrance. Once it calmed a little I ran inside. The rain did not affect Mel’s mood in the slightest. She was completely buzzing and beaming that her day had finally arrived. I told her not to worry – as far I was concerned it was raining now so that it would be bright and sunny in time for her ceremony. Imagine our amazement that at 1:30 when guests started to arrive and make their way to the marquee the clouds had disappeared and the sun shone in all its glory – and it continued to do so for the rest of the day. Someone was looking down on Mel that day. It was a beautiful wedding and all of Mel’s hard work paid off. It was definitely a magical day to remember.




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