Kat & Steve

Yesterday I met up with Kat and Steve for a drink and catch up. They had just moved house so there was lots to catch up on. When I came away I couldn’t stop smiling as it was so nice to reminisce on their incredible day. It made me want to come straight back and blog it. Ive included their pre wed shoot in this blog as it was such a funny shoot which saw me lying on the floor by a puddle to get a reflection shot (rather bizarre in the eyes of my couple whose wedding I was photographing the following month) but I think it concreted what is now an amazing friendship. We literally did not stop laughing and it was the same on their wedding day.

Kat got ready at her parents where I was greeted by her lovely mum who wasted no time in offering me some of the amazing food she had laid out for everyone. Kat was having her make up done as I arrived and the whole atmosphere was filled with excitement. Kat told me she felt like she was stressing but to me she seemed cool as a cucumber. In fact I never saw a moment of it – even during having her hair done when not knowing how it was going to turn out. The funny story there is that she had a few drinks with her hairdresser, the fabulous Tom and thought she quite liked it – but when she saw the picture decided it wasn’t right. Queue Tom winging it on the day – the laughter coming from the room while he did it was hilarious. Safe to say Tom did an amazing job – Kat looked incredible and the ‘do’ went perfectly with her dress and veil.

Tom and I had told Kat that she might get a little emotional once the dress was on but Kat was adamant she’d be fine. She shocked herself a little when she did in fact get emotional. Even gave me a huge lump in my throat.

Kat and Steve said their vows at the stunning Pershore Abbey followed by a beautiful reception at Wood Norton Hotel.

It was such a beautiful day. Their guests sat outside in the sun having drinks as we did our shots. Having known what they’re like together from their pre wed shoot we once again had a giggle. Thanks to Joe (one of the ushers) who has now proclaimed himself ‘The Best Wedding Veil Thrower 2017’ we got some stunning shots. The Wood Norton is such a stunning venue with stunning views. There were lots of garden games on the lawn and a swing that the children loved.

It really was an absolutely incredible day and its safe to say that I have made friends for life in them. We are already organising our next knees up!!

Here are just a few of the images – it was so hard to choose but I hope they sum up them as a couple and just how fabulous their day was …..




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