May Wedding in North Wales – Carreglwyd Estate

A stunning May wedding in North Wales at Carreglwyd Estate

I first met Jessica 9 years ago when we met on the set of Deal or No Deal. Yes I went on Deal or No Deal and met Noel Edmunds. It was an incredible experience and even though I only walked away with £500 (my game was truly shocking lol) I came away with some amazing friends who I am still in contact with. Jess being one of them. We dont live close but have followed each other through FaceBook and Instagram ever since.

When Jess contacted me saying she was getting married I was over the moon for her. Jess and Thomas have been together for so long but even more than that – they were friends from the age of 13, so this was extra special. She didn’t have a date set at the time she told me she was working her date around when I was free. I was so taken back by this and massively touched. She booked me 2 years in advance once the day was sorted.

Two years on I drove down the day before – a good solid 5.5 hours. She had booked me to stay in this little B&B which was so quaint and lovely. When I arrived on the morning I was blown away by the Estate. I mean – I had seen the pictures but when there in person it really did take your breath away. It was incredible. Jess and Tom wanted a weekend festival style wedding so when I arrived I was greeted with a mobile cafe that sold tea and coffee and a selection of muffins outside the stable the girls were getting ready in. Some of the guests stayed in tents etc the night before and had access to downstairs where they could get ready. I absolutely loved it. As soon as I saw Jess I gave her the biggest hug. It had been 8 years since I last saw her but she looked exactly the same. Gorgeous BoHo chic – even if her jammies!!

The morning was a mix of calm and chaos – but I say chaos in the loosest term as it wasn’t bonkers, just busy with all the girls. Everyone was super chilled and having the best time.


Jessica and Thomas had got married in the registry office a few days before. The ceremony was conducted by a very good friend and someone who meant a great deal to Tom. It was a beautiful service with laughter and tears. Afterwards everyone made their way to the lawn where drinks and canapes were served.

Jessica was a little shy in front of the camera so we just went completely natural and had a giggle as I photographed her standing with friends – then when she was on her own I papped away without her noticing (mwha ha ha haaaaaaaa) Her veil was amazing and anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good veil shot. Queue me flinging the veil into the wind to create some wicked shots. Thomas came over to give her a cuddle so I grabbed some of them together. Jess sank into him. They’re just so beautiful together.


Because it was a weekend festival wedding Jess and Tom had their closest friends and family for a sit down meal in the stable and all their other guests (around 150) had an amazing Curry Hut outside to get their tummy’s filled from. My goodness it was absolutely delish!! Once everyone was seated I took myself by the lake and tucked into one myself (actually salivating thinking of it) Everyone squeezed in to the stable afterwards for speeches. Ive never seen so many people in one room it was fantastic. I usually swan around in between tables to capture speeches but I literally could not move. Having said that you can see all the emotions on everyone as the speeches unfolded. Tom’s speech is one that will always stay with me. He and Jess have been friends since they were 13 and it wasn’t until many years later that friendship became something so much more. When he described the many faces of the Jessica he knew there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including myself. It was truly beautiful.

carreglwyd estate wedding

It was a truly magical day and perfect in every possible way. One thing is for sure – Jessica and Thomas are very loved and its not hard to see why. They are beautiful inside and out and it was an honour being part of their perfect day.


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  1. Jessica Rankin says:

    Awwww YOU HAVE MADE ME CRY!!’n thank you so so so much me little darlin ah what magic and how wonderful to see it all again – I am so so glad you were part of our day <3 you couldn’t have captured the moments any better if you tried xxx

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